Learning and Teaching Mindfulness

Final Report of the Talk About Wellness Initiative
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Marilyn Webb Neagley, Mindfulness Education Consultant and Author

Marilyn Webb Neagley was from 2004-2016 the director of Talk About Wellness, a Vermont based initiative that worked in public schools to deepen and support the inner lives of children.

In the early 1980’s Marilyn was introduced to meditation by Dr. Joan Borysenko and later, Dr. Herbert Benson. Since then she has attended numerous courses, professional workshops and retreats that focus on mindfulness and social/emotional learning. She now leads mindfulness-based courses, workshops and seminars, under the umbrella of social and emotional learning.

Marilyn, with Aostre N. Johnson, is the co-editor of Educating from the Heart (2011), a compilation of essays by educators. She was a coordinator of the South Burlington School District’s training manual, Mindfulness in Public Schools (2013). She is author of Walking through the Seasons (2008), a book of observations and reflections on nature that won an IPPY gold medal for best northeastern non-fiction.

Previously, Marilyn was president of Shelburne Farms during its formative years as a non-profit organization. In that role, she provided leadership for its educational programs, including the first publication of the Project Seasons curriculum.

Marilyn W. Neagley
Director, Talk About Wellness; mindfulness instructor
Contributor to Mindfulness in Public Schools manual
Co-editor of Educating from the Heart.
Vermont Instructor Registry
Coordinator for course: Mindfulness-bases Learning and Teaching
marilynneagley@gmail.com  |  802-985-3528

Other Mindfulness and Mindfulness-based Instructors For Schools in Vermont, Including Higher Education:

Susan Woods, MSW., LICSW
Senior Guiding Teacher
Lead mindfulness instructor for Mindfulness-based Teaching and Learning.
Mindfulness-based Professional Training Institute UC San Diego
Senior MBSR/MBCT Professional Trainer

Anthony R. Quintiliani, Ph.D., LADC
Adjunct Graduate Faculty at UVM and SNHU
South Burlington School District Mindfulness Educator and
Contributor to Mindfulness in Public Schools manual.
Author of Mindful Happiness.
anthony1@gmavt.net   |  802-425- 2953

Kim Nolan, Ph.D.
Program Director of Mindful Studies, Assistant Professor, Lesley University
South Burlington (VT) Mindfulness Facilitator
Dignity Foundation, Mindfulness Instructor
nolanvt@me.com  |  802-999- 9355

Pat M. Messerle, M.A., ABSNP
Licensed Clinical and School Psychologist
Diplomat of the American board of School-neuropsychology
South Burlington School District Mindfulness Program (ret’d)
Preferred instructional region: Southern Vermont
cpmesserle@netscape.net  |  cpmesserle@comcast.net  |  802-316-0557

Nancy Baker
Kindergarten teacher (ret.d) Presents K-4 classroom applications.
Coach/Mentor K-4 grades South Burlington School District Mindfulness Program
Mindfulness co-presenter at VAEYC; Mindfulness-based Teaching and Learning.
Prefers co-presenting; Available March through December
Nlbaker621@comcast.net  |  802-862-9725

Carol Wheeler B.S., M.Ed., C.A.S., N.B.C.T.
National Board Certified School Counselor
South Burlington School District Mindfulness Planning Team
Presents sample lessons, including mindful movement.
cwheeler@sbschools.net  |  802-864-5596

Jody Smith
Kindergarten teacher (ret.d) Power Point for K-2 classroom applications.
Includes booklists, books and materials to share. Available for coaching in the classroom.
Mindfulness co-presenter at Lesley University (MA) faculty development, Saint Michael’s College and Best Institute.
Available April through December
smithgjkk@comcast.net  |  802-863-1004 or 802-338-6733

Sonia Cassani
Health Educator; School Nurse (ret’d)
Certified yoga instructor; teaches mindful movement.
South Burlington School District Mindfulness Educator and
Contributor to Mindfulness in Public Schools manual.
Preferred instructional region: Northwestern Vermont (May-Oct.)
sonnycassani@hotmail.com  |  802-999- 3803

Roni Donnenfeld, M.Ed.
Kindergarten teacher, (ret.d)
Presents primary grade applications.
MBSR teacher in training; Facilitator for So. Burlington Mindfulness program
ronidonnenfeld@gmail.com  |  802-496-5210 or 802-793-5073

Dean Melen, M.A.
School counselor Pre-K- 5 Leads mindful awareness with students,
Demonstrates classroom applications to adults.
Available July and August; Evenings January-December
longtrailx@yahoo.com  |  802-598-9519

Richard Brady
Educational Consultant; Mindfulness Instructor
Organization: Minding Your Life www.mindingyourlife.net
Founder and first President of the Mindfulness in Education Network (MiEN)
Co-Editor of Tuning In: Mindfulness in Teaching and Learning
mindingyourlife@gmail.com  |  301-651- 6118

Lindsay Foreman
Mindfulness Educator for students, educators and social service providers
Certified yoga instructor; organization: Mindful Roots www.growingmindfulroots.com
Co-founder of the Center for Mindful Learning and
Co-developer of curriculum for Modern Mindfulness, an online program.
Lforeman76@gmail.com  |  802-238-8513

Tara Reynolds
Co-founder of WholeHeart, Inc.
Leads Circle of Trust Retreats using the Courage and Renewal Model.
Based in Northeastern Vermont; offers services statewide; begin July 2016
tara@wholeheartinc.org  |  802-917-4485

Natanya Bittman
Assistant Director of WholeHeart, Inc.
A Mindfulness without Borders instructor; focus: high school seniors
Based in Northeastern Vermont; offers services statewide.
natanya@wholeheartinc.org  |  802-917-4465

Theresa M. Keppel
Program director for WholeHeart, Inc.
Mindfulness Instructor
Based in Northeastern Vermont; offers services statewide.
Theresa@wholeheartinc.org  |  802-586-9685

Nancy Spencer
Science teacher (Harwood U.H.S.) Ret’d.
Secondary audiences; Integration of daily mindfulness.
Available during the school year.
madriveryoga@gmail.com  |  802-279-2433

Retreats are an essential part of learning mindfulness. Anthony Quintiliani, Kim Nolan (above) and Lindsay Foreman are qualified mindfulness instructors that can lead retreats. Tara Reynolds (above) leads Circle of Trust retreats.

It’s assumed that all instructors have a daily mindfulness practice; at least three years of mindfulness instruction and have experienced at least one mindfulness/contemplative silent retreat. Also, instructors will travel throughout Vermont, and in some cases beyond, unless otherwise noted in descriptions. Fees for local instructors average 100/hour per presentation plus mileage but most are to be determined and/or are negotiable. (Exception: Retreat fees may vary.)