Educating from the Heart

Educating from the Heart CoverThis publication offers “theoretical and practical approaches to transforming education” for educators, academics, education students and parents.  It is co-edited by Marilyn Webb Neagley and Aostre N. Johnson and its foreword was written by Paul D. Houston.

Marilyn prefaces the book with, “As research emerges and the importance of educating from the heart is validated, we are hopeful that this deeper and more reflective approach will characterize the field of education, the concept of wellness, and the meaning of whole child.

“The ideas in this book are presented in such a way that teachers will want to try these approaches themselves.  It fills an important gap in the literature on spirituality in education with its classroom-based focus.”
-Dr. Jack Miller, professor of curriculum, teaching, and learning, University of Toronto; author of The Holistic Curriculum.

“This book is a beacon of light given the current context of education.  It illuminates ideas and practices that can enrich and empower the lives of students.  It searches out the varied contexts where wholeness and heart-filled learning can be applied.”
-Dr. Sam Crowell, professor of education, California State University, San Bernardino; co-author of
The Re-Enchantment of Learning.

ISBN 978-1-61048-316-2 (Available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble)
Published by Rowman and Littlefield Education Lanham, Maryland 1-800-462-6420