About Marilyn

Marilyn Webb NeagleyMarilyn Webb Neagley, a Vermonter, grew up in Ascutney and now resides in Shelburne with her husband, Mark.  She is a grandmother and the mother of two daughters, Anna and Heidi, and a son, Sam.  Her nature columns  were published in the Shelburne News from 2003 through 2007 and her “thanksgiving” essays appeared annually.  Another essay appeared in the journal, 05401, in 2005.

Educating from the Heart, co-edited with Aostre N. Johnson, was published by Rowman and Littlefield Education in 2011.
Walking through the Seasons, was published by Wind Ridge Publishing, Inc. in 2008.

Marilyn has always been a keen observer of nature, the gentle progress of the seasons and the importance of the natural world to our individual sense of place.  As president of Shelburne Farms in Shelburne, Vermont during its formative years, she was an energetic advocate for preserving the natural and agricultural resources of the farm and using them to teach and demonstrate stewardship.  In that role, among other accomplishments, she envisioned and oversaw the creation of an elementary school science curriculum, Project Seasons, and had the opportunity to initiate a public walking trail system.

For twelve years she was director of the Talk About Wellness initiative which worked to “broaden education to include spirit”. In that role she arranged for and/or led instruction in mindfulness-based practices in public schools. She continues to offer workshops as needed. Mindfulness asks us to slow down, pay attention and use our senses to simply notice. Marilyn also enjoys walking, writing, and painting as reflective practices.

In recent years she has been a Vermont Public Radio commentator and has written essays about nature as well as the human inner landscape.

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