Sit Spots

ADK rock _ water_ shadow (1)

When a friend and I recently walked in the Adirondacks, I was reminded once again of the calming effect of nature, and specifically water.  We couldn’t decide which was more soothing, the sight or the sound of the stream that paralleled our path.

Sitting beside still or moving waters or leaning against a tree can be all that’s needed to calm the mind.  I recall a summer camp experience when we pre-teens were asked to find a spot in the woods to simply be quiet and alone with our thoughts.  At first I thought the counselors were crazy.  After the first day, though, I looked forward to my “sit spot” in the woods and the chance to simply “be”.

Sit spots are best outdoors but also offer solace when created in a busy home or school classroom in the form of a “Quiet Corner” or “Peaceful Corner” .

Photo courtesy of:    Lynda Reeves McIntyre