While having tea in the lovely gardens of Perennial Pleasures in Hardwick, Vermont, my daughter, granddaughter and her friend commented on the wisdom of tea time. Just as energy often wanes in the afternoon nothing is more delightful than sipping tea with good company.

Renewal can come in so many forms, including napping, meditation or fishing. The important thing is to find the time for those important pauses.

Photo courtesy of Jada Webb

2 thoughts on “Pausing

  1. Mark Neagley says:

    Great photo…matched yp perfectly with your comments.

  2. nancy says:

    Instead of a little nap today, I decided to search out your blog and am very glad I did! After hearing your story at the “cafe” this morning, I connected more with Jada’s photographs……..even the tea cup with the golden spoon was special. Looks like the two of you should become the blog team! Pictures do indeed bring the story to life!

    Thanks again, Marilyn, for the great opportunity I had this morning presenting with you. You have the perfect words for the folks looking (and those that should be looking) for a daily mindful practice! In fact,I think they ALL felt your words were “PITHY”! comments

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