How are the Children?


On one recent day there were at least three heartbreaking stories of harm done to children.  Penn State officials had allegedly stood by while children were sexually abused.  Two young girls, caught in the crossfire of gang wars, were shot and killed in Chicago.  A Syrian toddler cried out for his missing mother as he suffered from stomach wounds. 

What kind of world allows the vulnerable to suffer in these ways?  And what does it say about our societies?  It does little to simply wring our hands or to ignore these stories.  It may be of some help to  pray, meditate, light candles, volunteer, write letters, songs, and poems.

The Masai tribes of Africa, known as famed and intelligent warriors,  greet one another with “Kasserian Ingera” or “How are the children?”  This tradition reminds adults of their responsibility by giving attention and focusing intention on the protection of young people.  How satisfying it would be if we could one day reply, “The children are very well indeed.”   

                                                                                         Photo courtesy of Jada Webb



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